New Conference Speaker Gig – 2 March 2013 – Leeds

New Conference Speaker Gig – 2 March 2013 – Leeds

Got another few speaker opportunities lined up around the UK and Europe and will share the details as they get firmed up, but first of all, probably my favourite speaking gig ever is back; The Search, Social media and affiliate conference I am honoured to have been invited back, the last one was awesome.

This time I will be unveiling something special. I cannot go into too much detail but suffice to say, it is going to be a biggy, and something that I think will bring us even more love than the “how Gangnam Style went viral” research did.

We have spent months working on a certain research project and I really think it is the most comprehensive of its kind, and truly global.

It will be of special importance to those who have responsibility for online public relations campaigns across the UK and wider, as well as those in the SEO world who are tasked with authority link building.

As I say in my ThinkVisibility Blurb, I have never knowingly undersold something since 1986, so I really hope to catch up with as many PR and SEO folk as I can during, before and after the event.

I am always staggered that more Public Relations people don’t go to ThinkVisibility. It is a must for any PR needing to reresh their PR and SEO toolkit.

Hope to see you there.

You can get all the ticket information about by clicking here.


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